Hi, I’m Ilona Vashchyshyn. I’m passionate about teaching, mathematics, and teaching mathematics. I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a B.Ed. (Secondary) from the University of Saskatchewan, teach in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and am a co-editor of the Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society’s monthly periodical, The Variable. When I’m not thinking about math / math education, I’m probably reading, yoga-ing, or taking a walk to catch up on podcasts.

A note on the header image: The photo was taken at TDC Math Fair, an event organized by Nat Banting and his Grade 9 students at Tommy Douglas Collegiate. The tiles featured in the photo were made by Christopher Danielson of Talking Math With Kids.


Articles in refereed journals
Chernoff, E. J., Russell, G. L., Vashchyshyn, I., Neufeld, H., Banting, N. (2017). There is no evidence for order mattering; therefore, order does not matter: An appeal to ignorance. Avances de Investigación en Educación Matemática, 11, 5-24. Available at http://www.aiem.es/index.php/aiem/issue/view/14

Neufeld, H. L., Vashchyshyn, I. I., & Chernoff, E. J. (2017). Building Bridges: Barriers to Parent Engagement faced by Secondary Mathematics Teachers [Themed Issue: Linking Education and Community: Present and Future Possibilities]. LEARNing Landscapes, 10(1), 199-214. Available at: http://www.learninglandscapes.ca/images/documents/ll-no19/neufeld.pdf

Vashchyshyn, I., Neufeld, H., & Chernoff, E. J. (2016). A case for humility in the mathematics classroom. Ontario Mathematics Gazette, 54(4), 11-15.

Vashchyshyn, I., & Chernoff, E. J. (2016). A formula for success? An examination of factors contributing to Quebec students’ high achievement in mathematics. Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l’éducation, 39(1), 1-26. Available at: http://www.cje-rce.ca/index.php/cje-rce/article/view/1986/1826

Other publications
Vashchyshyn, I. (2016). My math elevator pitch. In L. Horn & T. Cardone (Eds.), The best of the math teacher blogs 2015: A collection of favorite posts (pp. 32-33). San Bernardino, CA: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Vashchyshyn, I., & Chernoff, E. J. (in press). Sick of viral math. Math Horizons [Mathematical Association of America], 51(1), 33-34.

Chernoff, E. J., Vashchyshyn, I. & Neufeld, H. (accepted). Comparing the relative probabilities of events. In C. Batanero & E. J. Chernoff (Eds.), Teaching and Learning Probability: Advances in Probability Education Research (pp. xxx-xxx). Berlin/Heidelberg: Springer Science.

Vashchyshyn, I. & Chernoff, E. (in press). Still warring after all these years: Obstacles to a transdisciplinary resolution of the math wars. In L. Jao & N. Radakovic (Eds.), Transdisciplinarity in Mathematics Education: Blurring Disciplinary Boundaries (xxx-xxx). Springer.


Vashchyshyn, I. & Chernoff, E. J. (2016). A formula for success? An examination of factors contributing to Quebec students’ high achievement in mathematics. College of Education Graduate Programs 2016 Celebration of Student Research and Scholarship. College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

If you’d like to get in touch, send me a note on Twitter (@vaslona) or email me at ilona dot v at usask dot ca.

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