The sub trick that kills (On engagement)

I’ve been substitute teaching for about a month now, which has been a roller-coaster ride (the fun kind). On a few of those days, I was left a lesson or activity to facilitate, but most days I’m not so lucky. Understandably, most teachers prefer to leave substitutes with a work period (alright, let’s call it what it is – glorified babysitting). However, I really enjoy engaging with students, especially when math is involved, and so I usually can’t resist showing the students a mathematical “magic” trick that I leave as a challenge for them to figure out during the period. I now have a small collection of tried and true “tricks” that I like to pull out at the beginning of class, but there’s one in particular that kills every. single. time, no matter the age group (although it will likely need to be adapted for grades below 6; I haven’t tried it). Continue reading “The sub trick that kills (On engagement)”