My math elevator pitch


Last week, some incredibly talented students at our high school put on an evening of one-act plays. I was particularly excited to see A Charlie Brown Christmas,  and I was not disappointed – I was so impressed by how well the kids brought the classic cartoon to life. However, the play that really gave me some food for thought that night was A Straight Skinny: a story about a high school algebra class that had been caught cheating on a midterm exam.

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On McNugget math (and being less helpful)

Another great Pi Club (still a working title) meeting.

Today, we worked on the McNugget problem (a case of the Frobenius/coin problem), which goes something like this:

Chicken McNuggets come in packages of 6, 9, and 20. Assuming money is not a factor and that you can only buy full packages, what is the largest number of Chicken McNuggets that you cannot buy?


(Of course, I brought McNuggets for the occasion. You know, as manipulatives…)

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When you ask the kids to come up with the club name…


AARDVARK: Amazingly Advanced Recreational Division Verity Academic Researching Kids


BUFF KANGAROOS: Beautifully Understanding, Fully Functioning Klub of Academic Nerds Giving All Races Opportunities of Schooling (interesting social justice twist here)


BODY BUILDER: Batch Of Dubious Young Budding Unparalleled Intellectuals Like Daunting…


Personally, I’m rooting for BODY BUILDER.